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The Love Industry - Review by Kierston Drier

This twenty minute documentary is a fascinating look into the world of professional online-dating profile writers. Following two different professionals who use two drastically different methods, we see the ins and outs of a growing profession that targets people who want to find love online. Lisa Hoehn, takes a “gut” approach to profile ghost writing, reviewing people and tweaking what naturally feels best. She’s seen everything under the sun when it comes to online dating, from cheating lovers to terrible break ups. When she meets another online profile writer, who uses a more mathematical, data-based approach to his work, they completely clash- showing that love isn’t always easy to find- even when finding it is part of your job.


Our heroes are fascinating, engaging and lovable. The film paints an often humorous, honest and occasionally painfully familiar portrait for a vast number of people who have gone online to find their next partner. THE LOVE INDUSTRY is about a lot of things- our modern world, social media, niche business opportunities- but ultimately it’s about one incredible part of existence- the hurdles and rewards of meaningful human connection.